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Setting Up The Equipment
Reception Setup
(Our Setup Video Will Be Released Soon

Video Notes:

• This setup is very similar to ours. We do typically do not use subwoofers or an external mixer unless there are over 200 guests. • We connect our wireless microphone to our DJ Controller (DDJ-800) • Our Setup also has a rack case under the table that holds all of important cables and a power conditioner to power all the equipment.

Joe’s Notes:

• Efficiency in setup and tear down is key. We arrive at all venues 2 hours before the start of the ceremony or reception if we are not providing services for the ceremony. You want to be setup and have enough time to connect with the other vendors to make sure you are all on the same page.• Some venues won’t have us back unless you can tear down and be out in under 30 minutes.

• With all of our setups we have backups on backups when it comes to the important items. You will have backups for music, microphones, and speakers for each wedding.

Equipment List

• 2 QSC K12.2s (Powered Speakers)• 1 Pioneer DDJ-800 (DJ Controller)• 1 Sennheiser G4 100 (Wireless Handheld Microphone for Speeches)• 1 SM58 (Corded Handheld Microphone for MCing)• 1 Flight Case (Holds DJ Controller and a power strip to power all of the equipment on the table)• 1 Rack Case with a power conditioner (holds all of the main cables and the power conditioner powers all the equipment)• DJ Headphones for Mixing• XLR Cables to connect the speakers to the DJ Controller and to connect the wireless unit to the DJ Controller• RCA to Aux Cable (Connect DJ Controller to Ipad or Phone for backup music)• Power cables and extension cords• 1 Four Foot table with black scrim• 2 Speaker Tripod Stands

Battery Powered Ceremony Setup
(Our Setup Video Will Be Released Soon)

Video Notes:

• The thumbnail picture looks super similar to our battery powered setup. Our microphone receivers sit on top of the speaker so it has a clearer line of site to the handheld microphones and lav microphones.• Only 5% of our ceremonies use this setup. The ceremony site has to be powerless.• The shelf is something we have in both ceremony setups. Your laptop will sit on it. This way you do not need a table for ceremonies• You want to set up on the side of the ceremony similar to the pictures. This way the microphone and microphone receiver will be close to each other which will lessen the drop outs.

Joe’s Notes:

• Our most sold add on for weddings is ceremony audio. The trend has moved away from ceremonies at churches and to ceremonies at the couple’s wedding venue or nearby.

• For ceremonies the #1 rule is perfect sound. No sound drop outs or missed music cues. We set up on the side of seating to make sure sound is clear and there no obstructions between the microphones and microphone receivers.

• Ceremony seating music needs to start 30 minutes before the ceremony

• We typically play recorded music for the processional (bridal party entrance), the bride entrance, the recessional (bridal party exit), and sometimes during the ceremony to fill dead air. You will go over all these song selections with the couple during the meeting you have before their wedding.

Battery Powered System Equipment List:

• 1 Bose S1 (Battery Powered Speaker)• 1 Speaker Stand• 1 Tray (attaches to the speaker stand)• 2 Wireless Lav Microphones and Receiver• 1 External Battery (Powers the wireless units that do not run on batteries)• Aux to Aux cable (Connects laptop to speaker for ceremony music)• XLR cables (Connects wireless units to the powered speaker)• 1 Corded handheld microphone and 50ft XLR cable (for emergencies when the wireless unit fails. This is another reason why we have to be setup on the side. We have to be close enough to run the corded microphone in case of emergency.)

Powered Ceremony Setup
(Our Setup Video Will Be Released Soon)

Video Notes:

• Great view of a ceremony and DJ gives a scenario that happens once in a while working a ceremony.

• We would never setup that far away from the ceremony. Old school DJs do it because they want to stay out of photos but they ruin the sound because the sound is going into the back of people heads and the wireless signal has a tendency to drop out because of the extreme distance.

• Make sure you have a clear sight of the person releasing the couples for the grand entrance.

• You can run the music for the ceremony off of your laptop or ipad if you have one.

• This setup and the battery powered setup often doubles for the cocktail hour speaker steup as well.