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Live Sound Settings
Gain Staging / Structure



• When a microphone is involved start with it and then do the steps in the video.

• There is a clip light on the speakers that should always be off.

Wireless Microphone Primer Video


• This video shows everything you can possibly do to get your wireless microphones sounding perfect.

• Since our microphones are plugged into and controlled from the DJ Controller it is imperative that the gain structure is set correctly.

• When a male is speaking you can turn down the low frequencies and add them back in when a female is speaking.

• You may have to find a new frequency when more people come into the area you are in. 

• When you find a new frequency there should be no AF signal unless your microphone is turned on. If there is that is because your receiver is picking up another signal that will cause your microphone to drop out.

Setting Up Sennheiser G4 100 Wireless Microphones


• Shows again how to setup the receiver and microphone.

• We have the newer version of this microphone system. The setup is basically the same.

• You need to sync before every ceremony and reception.

Speaker Placement


• We tend to place out speakers higher than other DJs because we typically just run the two powered speakers and no sub.

• Turning the speakers depending on the event is huge. Aim them at tables for dinner and cocktail hour. Aim them at the dance floor when the dancing begins.

• We typically have little to no say where we get setup. If you are ever asked just say you need to be close to the dance floor and have a good line of sight to where the bride and groom will be sitting.

• You should be able to place the speaker on top of a setup speaker tripod.

Avoid Speaker Feedback


• Feedback = BAD.

• Always make sure to have your speakers in front of you.

• When someone is walking a microphone back to you make sure you have the volume of the microphone at zero on the DJ controller so it doesn’t feedback.

• Make sure no one gives speeches near the speakers. That way there is less chance of feedback.

• A lot of feedback management is paying attention to our output level on your DJ controller or mixer.