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MC Basics and Tips
Grand Entrance Examples

Learning Rekordbox:
Rekordbox is the DJ Software we manage and play music out of. The next two videos will give you a great insight on how to upload prepare your music before your events.

Joe’s Notes:

• The job of a Wedding MC has changed drastically over the last decade. In previous years the MC had the spotlight and leaned on taking away focus from the couple. He/She would be telling jokes and using the microphone a lot. These days it is important to make sure the couple is the spotlight. You use the microphone when needed (Formal dances, announcements, introductions, getting people from point a to b, making sure all the guests are focused on the important moments.

• We let the music do the talking when getting people onto the dance floor. Back in the day many DJ/MCs didn’t know how to mix so they used their voice to encourage people. Now we let our music get people dancing all night long!

• This video is great and really show that your success is in the prep you do before the event.

Grand Entrance MC Notes:

• This is the main part of being a wedding MC for Diamond Entertainment.

• Other than announcing the grand entrance your other MC duties are to announce formal dances, dinner, give other general announcements, and to announce that the dance floor is open.

Video #1 Notes:

• Great view of couples coming out.

• Notice how his voice is crystal clear over the music.

• The MC could have been more effective in getting everyone excited for the bride and groom. I would have said something like… “Alright everyone, let’s get on our feet and make some noise for our newlyweds ______ and ______ _______.”

• I would have given the couples more opportunity to walk out. Felt rushed in my opinion.

• We typically only announce first names of everyone other than the newlyweds. Rarely will we do only first names for the couple as well.

• Typically we just announce the bridal party and the newlyweds. Some weddings the couple is the only group announced.

Video #2 Notes:

• Do not be afraid to get everyone excited for the grand entrance.

• We typically play a song for the bridal party and then another song for the bride and groom.

• Don’t say “let us welcome for the first time,” it is really there second or third time they have been announced with their new last name.

Video #3 Notes:

• There should be much more applause and excitement when the grand entrance is happening.

• His energy feels a little fake and you should announce like you are speaking to someone face to face.

• Try not to hold out names (“Coreyyyyyyyy”).

• Great example of how he had the music and names prepped and in front of him to cut down of the chance of any mistakes.

5 Tips to Help You Become a Better MC

Joe’s Notes:

• We have to stay behind the booth when doing announcements because we are also mixing music.

• DO NOT TELL JOKES. You are a MC not a stand up comedian.

• This is a great video that talks about good modern MCing and how not to do it.

• Always spell names out phonetically.

• You will have everyone names printed out on a clipboard or ipad.

• The #1 answer when we ask “What are your requirements for your wedding DJ?” is we don’t want a cheesy DJ that talks way too much.

How To Be The Perfect Wedding MC


• He hit the nail on the head when it comes to the 3 groups you need to focus on. The couple is always the most important.

• Being effective with your words is key.

• Always be your authentic self. You are training to be a part of the team because you have a great personality.

• We “trigger” many moments during the reception when we MC (Grand entrance, first dance, dinner, dancing, etc).

• Try not to repeat common phrases more than 1 to 2 times during a wedding. (“Let’s put our hands together,” “Let’s give a warm round of applause,” etc.)