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Selling Our DJ Services
Sales Call Example

Selling Our DJ Services General Notes:

• We have our DJs sell themselves because prospective couples want to get a feel of your personality and really connect with them over the phone.

• Joe used to sell everyone but a majority of the time the couple would want to talk to the DJ Joe paired them with.

• Our selling system tends to change due to advances in marketing techniques.

• General our selling system works like this

Our Client-Led Sales Process

General Sales Notes:

Try to connect as much as possible with what they are talking about. 

They need to feel like a friend by the end of the call.

I like to take the template below and paste it into my CRM (Honeybook) that way I will have notes on the couple and won’t get them mixed up with other leads or couples.

Client needs to feel like they are in control

The days of pushy sales are over

Today’s customers want collaboration

Give your Why you do it and what makes you unique in the industry

Have client lead you through their life story and their story as a couple


First Name:

Fiance’s Name:

Where they live:

What they do for work:

Where they grew up: 

How did you two meet:

What hobbies do they have:

What music do you two enjoy:

Get Couple’s Wedding Info



Cocktail Hour:


How long:

Theme of wedding:

Typical wedding and reception timeline:

What are their priorities & requirements are for a DJ:

What kinds of music or specific bands:

After getting the information above go into….

Here is what makes me unique for your wedding

(Insert a short story about how you got started and why you are passionate about being a wedding DJ)

Diamond Entertainment and Your Unique Wedding

Go over services and make them dream big!

“Would you be open to?”

“I think ____ would be a great addition for your venue.”

“I’m going to have our owner Joe send you the proposal with everything we talked about. Please don’t feel like you need to sign it tonight or that your final proposal will have all the services that are in this first proposal.”

“Take your time to think everything over and talk to some other DJs if you want to.” Once you are ready to make your final decision either email me or Joe what your final services or make the initial 50% deposit if you are 

“What questions do you have before I let you go and have Joe send you a proposal?”

General Things You Need to Know!

Payments are made over 2 payments (half up front and the other half 2 weeks before their wedding date)

After they make their first payment they will receive a questionnaire in which they will provide all their music requests

(We will help them if they are struggling to select any music)

2020 Pricing of Services

Base Rate: $747 for 4 hours of



Wireless Microphones

Planning Help

Does not include ceremony audio or dance floor lighting


• Overtime Rate: $100 per hour

• Ceremony Audio: $250

• Uplighting (10 LED): $250

• Dance Floor Lighting: $100

• Additional Speakers: $125 ea

• Custom Song Edit: $125

• Wedding Karaoke: $347

• Instrumental Guitarist for Ceremony (30 min): $347

• Guitarist / Singer for Cocktail Hour (45 min): $347

• Drummer for Open Dancing (90 min): $397

• Led Foam Sticks (50 Sticks) $200

• Wedding Saxophonist (1 Hour): $400

How To Be The Perfect Wedding MC

Joe’s Notes:

• It is good to have a general knowledge of the main pages of our website. We have blogs that go over our “hallmark” weddings.

• Our blog containing wedding recaps and value ads for couples.

• Daniel speaks well on how selling yourself is more about the relationship you make with the couple vs anything else.

• Make your couples understand how much you care about DJing their wedding.

• We average $1,000-$1,500 per wedding.

• I like to let the couple talk to other DJs if they have not because they can see why we are different compared to all the other companies in San Diego. If you feel comfortable asking for the close feel free to ask for it!