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 Preparing for Your Wedding/Event

Goals of the planning call (in no particular order):

Touch base on how everything is going and check on their general feelings about their wedding.

Ask if there are any major changes in the last couple of weeks that we should know about.

Make sure the couple has the questionnaire completely mostly filled out. You will help them fill in missing questions over the phone.

Go over the timeline and go over the music that is going to be in each section and any You may have to contact the couple’s planner for the timeline.

Make sure they have selected all of their formal music. If they have picked some odd songs for their formal dances talk to them about it and educate them on why it may not work well but it is ultimately their decision.

Double check on location, ceremony start, and end time.

Let them know about you sending an email following up with the couple after the wedding about how we did.

Computer and Music Prep Video


The questionnaire will be inside of DJEP and not Honeybook

7 Days out from your wedding you will receive a text and email that looks like this…

<djemployee1_name> You have 7 days til your next wedding! Please complete the following prep items and send copies of everything to in one email. 1. Master Event Sheet (Make sure to duplicate so you can have your own copy) 2. Send me the Timeline (Email the planner if you have not received one) 3. Screenshot(s) of Rekordbox Playlist with Each Formal Song Noted in KUVO Messages 4. Links to Spotify Playlists of Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner, and Formal Music Complete and email these to me ( by the end of the Wednesday before your wedding. Click the next Link Below to Access Your Couple’s Planning Platform: https://<account_domain>/clientlogon.asp?username=<username>&password=<password>