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About Diamond Entertainment
“The Simple Way to Book a Wedding DJ”

If there’s one thing I know about the couples I work with, it’s that music means more to you…and I know this because I feel the same way.

Music has always been going in the background since I was young – whether it was roadtrips with my parents, who helped me build an appreciation for all kinds of ‘70s and ‘80s music, to building a massive CD collection (who remembers those giant binders?) all throughout my teen years.


But the spark to start Diamond Entertainment really came in two different points in my life: 


First, when I was 13, a family friend (who happened to be the DJ of our small-town radio station) invited me along to help work an event because she knew I was really into music…but I kind of suspect she also needed help setting up the equipment and someone to dig through the giant tub of CDs to find the songs requested (because that’s what we had to do then, right?). I loved seeing the crowd get super excited when their song came on, and I knew this was a feeling I wanted to make happen for other people.


I ended up graduating from college with a degree in music therapy, which meant I used the power of both live and recorded music to help everyone from newborns in the NICU to military veterans, people with Alzheimer’s and even hospice patients. This just further cemented for me how powerful music is in our lives, and it was incredible seeing it help people in so many different situations.


But the real catalyst for Diamond Entertainment came in 2016, when I attended my cousin’s wedding in La Jolla – and, well, the DJ left a few things to be desired. Everyone was super uncomfortable the entire time from the unfortunate combo of dad jokes, a big presence that took the focus off the couple, and awkward transitions throughout the night. And the music selection? It was nothing like the couple wanted, and since he wouldn’t take requests from family and friends, our ears – and our overall experience at the wedding – were at his mercy. And who wants that for their wedding?


I get it that your wedding music is one of the biggest things people will remember from your wedding (and if you don’t believe me, read the above paragraph again). 


Just like you, music means more to me – that’s why I want to make your wedding the most incredible experience you’ve ever had. It’s so much more to me than just knocking out a playlist on the weekend; instead, I know that together, we’re creating the backdrop for your best memories. I can’t wait to make that happen for you.


Let’s connect and start setting the stage for the best night of your life!

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