Wedding Song Selection Tips and Tricks!


Song Selection Articles and Tips for Your Wedding!

Song Selection Tips:

  • Stick fairly close to the lists below when choosing songs if you want your wedding guests to be dancing for a majority of the night.

  • This doesn’t mean you can’t add a song off of the lists but depending on the song it may kill the dance floor.
  • Use the cocktail hour to play songs you and your significant other enjoy that may or may not be well known to your guests.

  • Group dances like the Cupid Shuffle or Cha Cha Slide may drive you crazy, but they are automatic dance floor fillers for everyone of all ages.

  • Slower songs are also great additions that bring everyone onto the dance floor because most everyone knows how to slow dance.

  • The “Do Not Play List” should be fairly well thought about and filled out. Nothing worse than hearing (terrible band) when you hate (terrible band).

  • If you have people of multiple age groups attending make sure to select a few songs from multiple decades to make everyone happy.

Article Links!

Great article by the Washington Post:

DJ Intelligence Most Requested Songs of 2017:
(Great for general super popular songs that will get everyone moving and excited).

Mobile Beat Top Songs as of May 2016:
(This may be the best list because it breaks down the popular songs by decade and be special song. You’ll also notice that many of the popular songs don’t change that much over time).

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