10 Interesting Facts About Diamond Entertainment


10 Interesting Facts About Diamond Entertainment:

  1. Our DJ / Guitarist Joe has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy from the University of Iowa.

  2. Diamond Entertainment began in Iowa and has been around for 10+ years.

  3. When not performing for audiences Joe plays lead guitar in a local San Diego Pop Punk band called DadHat. (See picture)

  4. Dylan, the drummer of Diamond Entertainment, also plays drums for DadHat.

  5. Our musicians have over 30 years of music and performing experience.

  6. All of our employees are currently obsessed with a new board game called DropMix. If you are a music lover you will dig it too!

  7. Joe grew up in a small town where he graduated with a class of 80. He had to travel 20 miles to get to a Walmart of McDonald's.

  8. Joe is planning on including surf and turf burritos at his wedding.

  9. Dylan’s five favorite bands are: Periphery, Maroon 5, The Story So Far, Bruno Mars, and The Used

  10. Joe’s five favorite bands are: Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, Eric Church, Thomas Rhett, and Kanye West

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