6 Facts Weddings DJs Do Not Want You to Know


6 Facts Weddings DJs Do Not Want You to Know


Your future DJ has a few facts he or she doesn't want you to know.  Most of these facts can help save you a few dollars for your wedding and will help improve the experience for you and your guests.

  1. Many DJs are always willing to barter.

    • DJs love being entrepreneurs.  If you have a service or item that you think your DJ would enjoy offer it as a trade for discounted services.  If what you offer helps the DJs company the DJ will more than be happy to take the trade!

  2. Packages are made to be guidelines, not an end-all.

    • Many DJs steer their clients to packages to make their lives easier.  However, services can be easily added and switched to make your wedding an amazing experience.

  3. You should be paying for a DJs music knowledge, not his/her gear.

    • Many inexperience DJs will try to sell you their gear when that should be the least of your worries.  A DJs knowledge of songs from all decades is what will ensure your family and friends will be on the dance floor all night.

  4. A DJs branding can be removed as long as you ask.

    • Many DJs will try to sell their brand to your guests throughout the evening via logos and shoutouts during the night.  If you ask your DJ not to sell himself he should not until the end of the evening.

  5. The number of guests you have doesn't really matter.

    • 10+ years ago speakers and equipment had to be huge to get sound to all the guests in big weddings.  Today all the equipment is much smaller and much louder than the equipment of yesteryear.  Unless you are trying to fill an arena of 300+ guests a basic DJ setup will work wonderfully.

  6. Rentals are always an option.

    • Audio and visual equipment is easily accessible all over the country.  If you are looking for something extra (lighting, projectors, audio, etc) your DJ can easily obtain it for your wedding as long as you are will to ask and pay a little more.

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Joe Scharnweber