How To Pick Dinner Music


How To Pick Dinner Music for Your Wedding


Choosing the right dinner music for your wedding is a great way to set the table (haha) for the remainder of your wedding. We always tell couples to go with three themes when it comes to their dinner music. Themes make their dinner music unique, a conversation piece, and helps to personalize the couple's wedding.

  • Let the Music Play

    • This theme has the couples select albums they enjoy and has that entire album play during their dinner music. Many times couples choose albums in which they listened to when they fell in love or an album that has other significance to their relationship.

      • Some of our favorite example is:


  • Covers on Covers

    • This is another popular way to set the tone for the evening. This theme has the couples pick covers (mostly acoustic) of top wedding songs or their favorite songs. This theme puts a spin on the music and usually leads to your guests hearing artists they haven't yet discovered.

      • Our favorite cover playlist is:


  • The Music of.... (Time, Genre, Instrumentation)

    • Our final dinner music theme has the couple choose music from a specific time in their lives or of a specific genre. One of our couples had chosen to have only ska music played during the dinner and another choose music from the specific year her and her husband met. Some couples also choose to have only instrumental music played or music of certain instruments (Guitar, Piano, etc).

      • Our favorite "The Music Of" playlist:

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Joe Scharnweber