Why Budget DJs Ruin Weddings


Why Budget DJs Ruin Weddings (6 Reasons)


If you are like most couples you are nearing the end of your vendor search as you are beginning your wedding Dj and wedding entertainment hunt. You may be nearing the end of your budget or totally over it. You are probably looking to save a few dollars with your remanding vendors. So inevitably you'll consider hiring a budget DJ as you think to yourself, "They are only playing music," "There can't be that much difference between cheap Djs and entertainment companies vs expensive ones," and "Maybe I can hire a friend with some speakers and play my music off an iPod." STOP RIGHT THERE! Before you go any farther please consider these six reasons why you should spend the money and hire a Dj or wedding entertainment company that completes your wedding dream vs one that will more than likely destroy it.

1. Budget DJs are Not Experienced / Skilled


Many couples don't realize that their DJ/MC is the third most important and prominent person in their wedding behind the couple themselves. Guests will look towards the DJ/MC for direction during many parts of the night. Many budget DJs will be uncomfortable on the microphone and be unable to lead your guests throughout your wedding night. Your wedding reception will feel choppy and broken. Do not expect budget DJs to be flexible. They will not be able to solve problems that come up during the night. An experienced DJ/MC will make the flow of the night feel smooth. They will be able to interact comfortably with you and your guests. They will be flexible.

When it comes to music there is a good chance they will not have the music you want to hear and they will struggle to keep you and all of your guests dancing throughout the night. Many budget DJs will play music off of iTunes or Spotify and there will be awkward dead space between all of the music. Experienced DJs will mix songs together, keep everyone dancing, will be able to read a crowd, and will play music based off you and your guests wants and needs.


2. They Do Not Bring The Right Equipment


This is major gripe I hear from couples who wish they wouldn't have hired a budget DJ. A budget DJ will not have the equipment to handle many normal needs of a wedding. Their speakers (or speaker) will not be loud enough to have all of your family and guests hear the speeches. They do not have wireless microphones for your toasts or ceremony. Their lighting doesn't fill your venue. Everything they bring will be low quality and they will not have any backups for any failures. I have been to many a wedding where there will be silence when something breaks or when a battery on something dies. Experienced DJs will have backups for their backups, will have top of the line equipment which will make your music and spoken parts of your reception heard clearly by all.

3. Their Setups are Dangerous!


I have heard horror stories of speakers falling on guests, guests being shocked by faulty microphones, and people being tripped by cords that have not been secured to the stands or ground. An experienced DJ will make his area a safe space for you and your guests to dance near. The last thing you need to think about during your wedding night is about your DJ being a danger to you and your guests.

4. They Ruin Your Wedding Look and Vibe


Your most expensive wedding expense is most likely your wedding venue. You've chosen a beautiful location that is clean, elegant, and matches your style. A budget DJ will more than likely ruin that look. Most budget DJs will have setups similar to the ones posted on this page. Their cords will be everywhere, their setups will not be clean, some setups might be dirty, and their setups will be unappealing to the eye. It is not hard to be tidy when it comes to your setup. Most budget DJs are too lazy to even think about how it affects your wedding

5. They are Always Under Prepared


This one has the opportunity to ruin your wedding. I hear horror stories all the time of first dances with wrong songs, mispronunciations of the bride and groom's last names, forgotten parts of the ceremony and reception, and many other blunders that you can guarantee your budget DJ will cause. An experienced DJ and wedding entertainment company will be over prepared. They will create a timeline of your wedding so they know when everything is happening, they will practice name pronunciations, they will have a team on hand to help with emergencies, and as stated above they will most importantly have backups for their backups.



If you have been to a live music event or wedding you more than likely have heard nasty loud feedback or a pop come over the speakers. This shouldn't happen! An experienced DJ will make sure none of these loud noises are heard by you or your guests throughout the night. Feedback has the potential to be dangerous to hearing health. Budget DJs will unfortuantley not understand want causes feedback and will have multiple feedback occurences happen during your wedding.

In conclusion, do not be afraid to spend more money than you think on your wedding DJ and wedding entertainment. Do not be one of the 72% of all brides say they would have spent more money choosing their reception entertainment.

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Joe Scharnweber