Travel / Destination DJ


Travel / Destination DJ


As a destination wedding DJ, I have had the unique opportunity and ability to work in several locations in the USA.  Over the last few years, I’ve been able to DJ weddings in these locations because I have good connections, sound equipment, venue knowledge, and everything we need to help you throw an amazing party. Traveling is easy these days!  If I need to, my compact system is relatively easy to fly around. I travel with a carry on and a checked bag full of everything else I need. I arrive at least one day early, if I’m not already in the area. I offer the same guaranteed service and contract as every other listed location. It has been absolutely amazing to be able to catch up with friends and do some adventuring after a wedding in some my favorite places on earth and I truly appreciate the couples who have trusted me with their wedding day, wherever it took place. Below is a list of states and cities where we have provided services for couples in the last year.

• San Diego
• Los Angeles
• Phoenix
• Scottsdale
• Iowa City
• Des Moines
•Cedar Rapids

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