5 Keys to Enjoying Your Wedding Day


5 Keys to Enjoying Your Wedding Day


You’ve spent hours on hours planning your wedding. The last thing that should happen is that you do not enjoy your wedding day. These 5 keys will help you enjoy your wedding day more.

  • Let the Professionals Handle Everything!

    • You've spent much time and money on your wedding vendors. The day of your wedding everything will be planned out. You no longer need to lead the wedding train. Allow your vendors to guide you through the day. This will lead to our next tip which is to stay present.

  • Stay Present

    • You wedding day will fly by. Take a moment to hug all your loved ones, thank everyone for coming, and most importantly EAT! The moments you take the time to cherish are the ones you will remember long after your wedding ends.

  • Be Flexible / Relax

    • Try not to sweat the small stuff. Something will go wrong on your wedding day. It is inevitable. If you are able to brush it off (bonus points for humor) then it will not ruin your wedding. We have seen brides be upset for hours when something small goes wrong on their wedding day.

  • Surround Yourself With Fun and Positive People

    • Your wedding party and guests should be all of the best, brightest, and most fun people you know. Having a few people you know will be leading everyone on the dance floor will ensure your dance floor will be full all night. Invite the people that make you smile, laugh, and most importantly the ones who you love. Positive people with positive people go a long ways on your wedding day.

  • DANCE and HAVE FUN!!!

    • This may be the most important tip! Your family, friends, and guests follow your lead. If you two are hanging on the outside of the venue most of your guests will be as well. They all have travel long and far to see you and spend time with you. If you want your guests on the dance floor you need to be there as well. I recommend all my couples take some dance classes. This way they have a handful of dance moves to use on their wedding night.

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Joe Scharnweber