3 Reasons Why We Are Different


3 Reasons Why We Are Different

We are different from other wedding entertainment companies for 3 big reasons.

  • The first reason: Our work ethic isn’t negotiable! At Diamond Entertainment, we pride ourselves in putting our brides and grooms first.  When you book us for your wedding, and you are trusting us with likely the most important day of your life thus far, we do not take this lightly.  We take however long is necessary to plan every perfect detail weather that be create a custom song mash up for the bridal party entrance or create custom games for you and your guests, we will not rest until you are satisfied.  On the special day, this also means we will be there for your entire wedding day as long as you need us. Unlike other DJ companies who will charge anywhere from $250-$500 for each additional hour, we promise there are no additional hourly costs after you sign your contract. We will be there many hours before you say I do and aren’t leaving until your venue kicks you and your guests (and us) out!


  • The second reason: We know things will change, sometimes at the last minute, and we are more than prepared to roll with whatever you throw our way. In a perfect world, every aspect of your wedding would go exactly as planned; unfortunately, this is rarely the case with how things actually go down.  No matter how big or small the change may be, we expect them and we are ready and able to adapt to the current need.  The great thing about Diamond Entertainment is that every couple who contacts us is working with our owner, Joe.  That means when things go astray, there is no approval process, there is no "let me check on that."  Working with the owner of DE gives you the ability to change anything in a second. We have had couples change their first dance song minutes before the dance, and we have had another couple change venues at the last second. While many DJs would be flustered and unprepared to handle last minute changes, we do whatever you ask for. It’s your wedding day. We will make sure nothing gets in the way of making it an amazing, fun, and perfect experience for you and your guests.


  • The Third Reason: We have countless musicians at our fingertips ready to commemorate your love with live music.  Wait?  You're saying you want a DJ, MC, live guitarist, singer, pianist and drummer?  Great!  At Dimond Entertainment, our owner and DJ is a retired music therapist, lead guitarist in a band, and experienced performer.  Whatever Joe cannot personally play, he has a wide network of experienced musicians ready and able to make your wedding day memorable.  Weather you want live guitar during your ceremony, a drummer to play along during the reception, or an extra special first dance with live music, we pride ourselves on adding that extra touch through the power of music. We promise to create a beautiful blend of all your favorite music with live musicians adding extra energy and color to your songs.

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Joe Scharnweber