Do You Need Uplighting For Your Wedding?


Do You Need Uplighting For Your Wedding?

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Not all weddings need lighting, but the right lighting can take your wedding venue to the next level. Here are some things to consider before deciding to purchase uplighting for your wedding
• Uplighting can help accentuate the favorite parts of your venue
With the magic of LED uplighting you can pull your guests focus onto some of the more elegant and beautiful parts of your venue.
• A lifeless room typically means a lifeless party.
Uplighting can add that little bit of excitement to your venue. When your guests arrive they will immediately know they are in for a fun filled and amazing experience.
• Uplighting for outdoor events.
Even if you are having an outdoor wedding uplighting can help to pull your guests focus onto your favorite parts of your venue. It can can also be used to outline your grand entrance/exit.

• When you don't need lighting.
If you're having a daytime wedding outdoors, or in a room surrounded by windows, you don't need lighting. If you're having a summer wedding with a 9pm sunset, and your wedding reception ends at 10pm, you won't get much bang for your buck from a light show. If your party room has fluorescent lighting that's either on or off, and can't be dimmed, you're out of luck. The room lights will have to stay on all night, and a light show would be a waste of money. Finally, if your party room has dark walls, you won't get the full benefit of a light show; lighting is better with white or light-colored walls.
One of your wedding guests' most lasting memories of your reception will be their first impression upon entering your dining room, and the fun they had on the dance floor. Make sure to wow your guests from start to finish with our uplighting.

Watch the video below to see our uplights in action.

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