The Importance of GREAT Ceremony Audio

The Importance of GREAT Ceremony Audio

Ceremony audio can be tricky for a variety of reasons. The first being that many of the ceremony sites these days are in remote areas where there is no nearby power. Another reason is many wireless microphones systems have trouble fighting frequencies and have a tendency to drop out in these areas. Finally it can be hard to have the proper sound equipment that can project the sound clearly when the guest count is over 150 or so people.

These problems can be solved but it costs a lot more than couples would assume and many DJs do not spend the money and go with low budget solutions. The cheap route can lead to many unwanted outcomes including dropouts of sound, speaker feedback, and audio that isn’t loud enough for your guests to hear.

Our ceremony audio setup fixes all the problems above and ensures perfect audio for your ceremony. It includes

  • A Bose S1 Speaker

    • This battery powered speaker can be placed in the most optimal spot at the ceremony which makes the wireless frequencies more clear. The speaker is perfect for guests counts up to 150 people. If you have more guests than that we bring an additional speaker to ensure the music, vows, and your officiant are heard by all.

  • A Sennheiser G4 Lavalier Microphone System

    • We typically place this lavalier microphone on your officiant. It provides a super clean sound and can easily be hidden so show in your wedding photos. Many times videographers ask to plug into our sound system because we are running this microphone system.

  • Shure BLX14/CVL Lavalier Wireless System

    • Finally we place this lavalier microphone on the groom. This ensures that the vows will be heard clearly by all the guests. This will also pickup the vows from the bride as well. We typically do not place a microphone on the bride because it the lavalier is difficult to place on some dress and it takes away from the beauty of the dress.

Ceremony audio is one of the most overlooked yet most important part about hiring the correct DJ. Make sure their system will work for your ceremony needs and you will be left happy and glad you spent the time find the company with the proper equipment.


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Joe Scharnweber