DJ / MC Jonathan

Jonathan’s Bio:
My name is Jonathan Gomez! I’m a married father of 4 with a diverse taste in music. I’ve been DJing since 2013. After 12 years in emergency medicine and with the support of my loving wife, I decided to hang up the stethoscope and picked up my headphones to start DJing full time.
I’ve been musically inclined for as long as I can remember. I used to play guitar and bass, but once I found DJing I knew that was my musical outlet of choice! I even built a recording studio during the pandemic to fully dive into my musical obsession. I love blending genres and sounds and started spending hours on end mixing! Tempo, key, style and lyrics all at my control; I just can’t get enough.
Early on in my DJing career I was house and edm focused. But soon I started mixing all styles of music! I have extensive experience with 70’s-2000’s and a new love of hip-hop. I’ve DJ’d all types of events including bars, clubs, company events, weddings … even on a float in a Christmas parade. 
My favorite thing about DJing is connecting with a crowd, moving and shaping the energy throughout the night! 

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What Our Clients Say

"Jonathan was the best DJ we could've asked for! His personality meshed so well with ours. He read the crowd and played some awesome music. He really helped keep the wedding on track! We would recommend him for any future wedding!"

Eva A.

"Jonathan was the perfect DJ! He was very accommodating from the start and made the planning process so easy even though we lived 2,000 miles away! WE also had some different ideas that he took charge of and he made it so much fun! His music selection was perfect and exactly what we had imagined. I didn't think our crowd was going to be on the dance floor all night long, but because of Jonathan, the dance floor was never empty. His personality was also perfect - very professional, polite, friendly, and fun! I would highly recommend DJ Jonathan!"

Jamie J.

"Jonathan was very easy to work with, and even though our wedding plans were very last minute, he was very flexible and catered to our needs perfectly!"

Sephanie A