Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your deal?

Wonderful question!  Diamond Entertainment started in Iowa in 2007 and has since migrated to San Diego.  We’re toured musicians, music lovers, and experienced wedding entertainers who DJ and provide live music for weddings because we love celebrating with wonderful people on the best day of their lives.

Does your drummer play with all types of music?

He does! From Pop to Country to Spanish music we have you covered. With a lifetime of drumming experience we can guarantee each of your favorite songs will have a new energy and life to them with our drummer.

Can we provide you with a list of songs we want to hear?

Absolutely!  We encourage as much input as you’d like to have regarding song selection. A great baseline is 15-25 “must play” songs, 20-30 “maybe play” songs and 5+ “do not play” songs that will prevent your crazy uncle from requesting the Chicken Dance.  That being said, it’s good to have a bit of flexibility so we can exercise professional judgement regarding what songs will keep people on the dance floor.  Some creative freedom also allows our DJ to incorporate beatmatching, mash-ups and plenty of “wow” moments.

Do you take requests?

Of course! In our experience the majority of requests are usually great and essential for keep everyone dancing and having fun.  Our music libraries are ridiculously comprehensive and we’re never stumped.  We also exercise our professional judgment to know when a certain request might kill the vibe.  We will always honor your "do not play" list and make sure everyone is having the time of their lives.

You also offer live music options?

We sure do.  Many of us are performing singer/guitarists who offer non-traditional acoustic options for ceremony and cocktail hour.  Song lists vary by performer but generally speaking they span from The Beatles to more modern artists like Ray Lamontagne, Wilco, The Lumineers, and Ed Sheeran.  We’re happy to learn new songs if you have a specific vision and we love singing and strumming early in the evening before we put on our DJ caps.

Can you cover our ceremony as well?

Yes!  Having great ceremony sound and music is vital and we bring wireless microphones and handheld mics to get the job done seamlessly.  We’ll have our hands on the dials all the way through your ceremony and the music transitions will be smooth.  We provide a second sound system for this so there will be no time lost in transitioning to your reception space.

What happens if there’s an emergency?

We’re proud to have deejayed hundreds of weddings and never missed a one.  We’ve powered through injuries, stitched-up foreheads, and car troubles.  The DJ you hire will be the one who shows up at your wedding come hell or high water. 

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