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5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding DJ

You need to make your wedding DJ is a good fit for your upcoming wedding. The questions you ask your potential DJ are crucial to making sure you find the perfect DJ for your wedding. Click the button below to learn what 5 questions you should be asking your potential wedding DJ.


25 “Sweet” Cake Cutting Songs

Cake cutting music is unique in the grand scheme of music choices for your wedding. Many of the songs you choose for your wedding are either fast and upbeat or slower music. Cake cutting gives you an opportunity to pick mid-tempo that brings on a feeling of a love that will last a life time. Below are a few of our favorites. All the songs will bring on great feelings of love for you and your wedding guests.


5 Keys to Enjoying Your Wedding Day

You’ve spent hours on hours planning your wedding. The last thing that should happen is that you do not enjoy your wedding day. These 5 keys will help you enjoy your wedding day more.


5 Smart Songs to Pick with Your Wedding DJ

Choosing wedding songs can be an overwhelming task for many couples. How many songs do I pick? What type of songs? How do I know what everyone will dance to? What about grandma, grandpa, and the kids? Fear not! In reality, you only need to choose five special songs and let your DJ do the rest. These five special songs are keys to making your wedding reception go from great to greatest! 


6 Facts Weddings DJs Do Not Want You to Know

Your future DJ has a few facts he or she doesn't want you to know.  Most of these facts can help save you money on your wedding entertainment and will help improve the wedding entertainment experience for you and your guests.


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